IHA junior prom was held Friday, March 23rd, at the Pearl River Hilton, and the girls could not have been more excited for the event. The girls spent weeks planning their dresses, hair, makeup, and most importantly… promposals.

As IHA is an all girls school, the students have had to plan creative ways in which they can “prompose,” or ask someone to be their date. For the juniors, having to ask for a date in a Sadie Hawkins fashion has been stressful, nerve-wracking, and exciting.  Many of the girls had spent weeks planning their promposals, creating posters and spelling out “prom” on a variety of objects.

For some, this is a right of passage. It is a tradition that has been held up for decades at IHA. As such, many girls had gone the traditional route with a fun promposal, while others had simply asked over the phone or through mutual friends.


Rebecca created a custom puzzle for her boyfriend. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Nadler’18

Personally, I wanted to create a promposal that was different than what you would normally expect. I wanted to create something that I could keep for years to come. Thus, after browsing Pinterest for interesting ideas, I created a custom puzzle filled with my favorite images of my boyfriend and I.

Promposing is only one item that can be checked off of the long list of things to do in preparation for prom. Between dress fittings and shopping for the perfect shoes, prom season is often a stressful period. The checklist is quite long, and many girls started looking for dresses months in advance. Others, however, found their dresses last minute. I fell within the middle of the two, and I could not have been more excited for prom to come.

Ultimately, junior prom is what you make of it. Whether you work to make it the best night of your life or simply a night to spend dancing with friends, prom is sure to be a great experience that you will always remember.

By: Rebecca Nadler ‘19

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