Will Winter Ever End?

The weather is usually a topic to discuss during awkward silences, but this winter it is actually somewhat interesting.

This spring has been acting more like winter with frigid temperatures and never-ending snowstorms. Though everyone enjoys a snow day, most agree that cold temperatures and winter weather should be over by now.

The storm that caused IHA’s last two snow days occurred on March 21st and March 22nd and warranted a Winter Storm Warning. The storm was even given a name, Toby. On March 21st, it was around 34 degrees, while exactly one year prior, March 21st was a whopping 51 degrees.

Many are joking about the name of the storm, relating it to the widely popular sitcom, The Office. They are personifying the storm as Toby, the awkward human resources rep at Dunder Mifflin who is greatly disliked by his co-workers, especially the boss, Michael Scott.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.19.22 PM

Two brave people head out into Winter Storm Toby equipped with their umbrellas. Photo courtesy of Time.

The authenticity of global warming has become a common question recently with the cold temperatures in spring, but global warming is actually considered to be a factor of the freezing temperatures. The cold air usually sits in a pocket of low pressure above the North Pole called the polar vortex, but global warming has weakened it. This, along with the warming of ocean temperatures and the consequential wrinkling of the North American jet streams, has allowed more cold air to come down from the North Pole.

This shift in polar temperatures has caused a number of hectic storms for the Northeast, though it has also affected unexpected regions as well. In the beginning of January, parts of Florida, such as Jacksonville, were colder than Alaska.

According to NJWeather.org, April of 2017 in New Jersey had record high temperatures, and was in fact the warmest April on record since 1895. April 9th, 2017 reached a high of 70 degrees around noon, as stated by timeanddate.com. Meanwhile, April 9th, 2018 had a high of only 48 degrees.

On February 2nd this year, the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, but this is certainly extreme.

By: Katherine Conway’21, Staff Writer

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