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Immaculate Heart Takes On College Week

Have you ever wanted to see what your future has in store for you? For all students at Immaculate Heart, the week of April 9th will be a snapshot of what is yet to come. Yes, that’s right, it’s college week and every day centers around a new event specialized for the college journey. Everyone is encouraged to attend at least one session because the college selection process can be intimidating if done alone. There will be activities during student lunch periods and an after-school college fair so they can become adept in all fields of the admissions process. Even Freshmen are encouraged to participate because it shows them how to shape their resume to accommodate schools they aspire to attend. All daily activities for Freshmen/Sophomores will take place at 11:25 am in the PAC, followed by the Juniors/Seniors at 12:10 pm in the PAC.

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Immaculate Heart Academy 2015 College Fair. Photo courtesy of

The first event on Monday, April 9th is an introduction into the STEM field for interested Freshmen and Sophomores. A guest speaker from Stevens Institute of Technology will conduct this presentation and offer her advice to students who wish to pursue careers in the STEM field. This will be followed by a mock admissions session for Juniors and Seniors. This session is a guide to completing a college application. The aforementioned event will be hosted by Steve Quinn from Caldwell University.

On Tuesday, April 10th, three events will be available for IHA students. The first will be held to prepare underclassman for what they can do now. All Freshmen and Sophomores are welcome to attend and watch a Rowan University graduate offer her expertise. Right after, Juniors and Seniors will be offered an opportunity to listen to a George Mason University alumni walk them through the college selection process. Later that day, from 7-9:00 pm in the gym, will be a college fair for all students. Some prestigious universities such as Bucknell University, Colgate University, and Villanova University will be attending.

Wednesday, April 11th will be a day designated to preparing and transitioning into college. For Freshmen and Sophomores, there will be a panel of IHA Seniors who will reflect on their experiences. They will reflect on their decisions and explain things they wish they did differently. For Juniors and Seniors, a James Madison University representative will present his guide to transitioning from high-school to college.

Thursday, April 12th is the last day for events during lunch, and instead of the PAC, they will be in the Multipurpose room at the same times. Freshmen and Sophomores will be walked through a mock college admissions process. Only Juniors will attend a college writing workshop from a St. Vincent College spokesperson.

All throughout the week, the students of IHA have the opportunity to participate in College Trivia, and on Friday students who signed up will end the week with the annual IHA college tour. This year students will head down to Washington DC to experience collegiate life in the nation’s capital. They will tour institutions such as Georgetown University and George Washington University.

Good luck to all the Seniors in college next year, IHA is very proud of you!

By: Julia Marotti’21 Staff Writer

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