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Sophomore Day of Awareness 2018

As seniors were relaxed on their day off, and juniors sat through the ACT, sophomores enjoyed a day of awareness with their peers. After the sophomores all arrived at school in their sweatshirts, sweatpants, and leggings, they congregated in the Performing Arts Center to begin the day with prayer.

Mrs. Shutrop gave a few opening words and the sophomores watched a video to begin their day of reflection. As Mrs. Shutrop spoke to the grade, she explained that the women of IHA go on to be future doctors, lawyers, CEOs, teachers, and mothers, among much else, and as women in such important positions they must use their power to help the poor and make a difference. This touched many students and was a great start to the day. Lara Gonzalez’20 said “it was a great day for all of us [sophomores] to bond with each other.”

The Class of 2020 was then spilt into three groups to go to the speakers, each of whom shared their experience of giving back to the community. Sophomores were able to hear amazing and inspiring stories from volunteers of: Camp Acorn, Nazareth Farm, and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. After being informed on these volunteers’ experiences, and how their organizations have impacted them personally, the sophomores learned how they too can make a difference. After the first two sessions, the students were all able to divulge in the famous “locker break cookies,” very kindly provided by Chef Rob.

Lauren Lipari’20 said that, “The retreat opened my eyes to see what is occurring within my own world and see that event the smallest change that I can make will truly make a difference.”

After listening to the speakers tell their stories, everyone congregated in the cafeteria to enjoy pizza, and also to listen to another speaker. She informed the students about her personal struggles with pregnancy and how it led her to start an Emergency Pregnancy Center that supports women in need of assistance, no matter age or situation. The class was also given the opportunity to make ‘onsie cupcakes’ for the women that go to the center in need.

All in all, the sophomore retreat was a very informative day for sophomores and helped these young women to understand that their service hours are not simply a requirement, but are a call to help their community.

By: Angeline Jacob’20, Staff Writer

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