Driving Down to D.C.

Going into the weekend starting the much-needed Winter Break, several IHA Model UN delegates went down to D.C. to participate in a highly renowned conference hosted by Georgetown University’s International Relations Association, Inc. The official name of the conference is NAIMUN LV, an acronym for the North American Invitational Model United Nations. Since 1963, this conference has been held every year for 55 years now. Over the course of a four-day weekend, about 3000 students from all across the globe come together to simulate similar situations as that of the real UN. There are several different committees and councils that students can participate in, ranging from historical crisis committees in times of war, to general assemblies that search for solutions to economic problems, such as pollution.

There are just a few basic things to know that are part of a typical Model UN committee. There is a Chair, who is basically in charge of what is going on and makes rulings. The Chair is part of the Dias, which is a collection of different people that help out the Chair. One of these people can be the page, which is basically the person who helps to pass notes that is written by delegates around.

Although the main focus of the conference is debating and solving problems, there are


This year was the 55th conference for Georgetown NAIMUN conference. Photo courtesy of NAIMUN LV Twitter.

many other fun activities and events that are planned for the remainder of the weekend. Taking place near Valentine’s Day, delegates have the ability to send candy grams to that special person or even just a friend. The funds that are raised from selling these candy grams contribute to the nonprofit organization that the conference teams up with to raise money. Additionally, delegates have the opportunity to donate money in their committees and are given incentives by the Dias. If a certain amount of money is raised, then the Dias would do the incentives promised. These incentives can include showing embarrassing baby pictures, or even prank calling their parents saying that they are dropping out of Georgetown. Understandably, as more money is donated, the incentives get much spicier and daring.

Additionally, there is a show, the Hilltop Madness, that is put on by the Georgetown students on Friday night that delegates can attend. There is a lot of cultural dancing and acapella groups that delegates can watch, while being provided free ice-cream. Another fun thing delegates can attend is the Delegate Dance on Saturday, in which delegates can enjoy one last night with the new friends that they have made in committee.

This year was my second year attending the conference, and I participated in an Economic Council. I was C. L. Ruala, a member of the Parliament of India, Lok Sabha. Going to Georgetown is one of my favorite parts of the year because of all the new people I met. I also have this newfound confidence and satisfaction when I participate in debate and drafting resolutions.

By: Katalina de Leon’19, Features Editor

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