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St. Brigid Society Takes on Villanova University

On Thursday, November 30th, members of IHA’s Saint Brigid Society toured Villanova University. Villanova is private and Catholic university in the suburbs of Philadelphia, around two hours and thirty minutes away from IHA.

Students were able to learn about Villanova’s schools of business, arts and sciences, nursing, and engineering. Their information session and tour provided great information about the majors and minors that students are able to choose from.


A typical day for business students in Bartley Hall at Villanova University.  Photo courtesy of

When the students from IHA were greeted at Villanova they were taken into the main “lodge” where they received a presentation from a California-native Villanova senior. She walked the IHA students through the admissions process, gave knowledgeable facts about the university, and answered any questions the IHA girls came up with. As a psychology major and student athlete she was able to relate to many of the questions. Topics such as athletic flexibility, off-campus/campus housing, student diversity, academic scholarships, and Greek life were answered.

Within the presentation group, there were two tour guides that were ready to take the students around campus. Half the group went with a tour guide who was also a psychology major (and business minor) and the other half went with a tour guide who was a finance major. Both tour guides took the groups to the same places and the girls were able to see the business school, cafeteria, library, campus shop, chapel, nursing school, dorms, and tudor rooms. As classes were in session, the girls were able to get a sense of what a typical day at Villanova is like. Anna Salewycz’21 said, “The vibe that I got was very warm and inviting and I really enjoyed learning about what Villanova had to offer”.

The girls were able to purchase apparel at the campus store and a booklet all about the university. All in all the girls had a lot of fun and represented the school fabulously. Hopefully there will be some future Blue Eagles becoming Wildcats in the years to come!

By: Julia Marotti’21, Staff Writer

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