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Stranger Things Season 2 Synopsis

Stranger Things has become a worldwide phenomenon for its binge-worthy plot,
80s revival, and most importantly amazing casting. If you haven’t heard of the Netflix
original TV show, it is set during 1983-1984 in a small town in Indiana known as
Hawkins. Nothing ever happened in Hawkins until Dr. Brenner’s US Department of
Energy was built.
The lab brought a supernatural and sci-fi element to the plot based on the four
main protagonists favorite board game: Dungeons and Dragons. The four main boys
Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers are very intellectual in
their own ways and possess character traits vital to the plot. In Season 1 it is perceived
that Mike is the leader of the group because of his ambitious and committed nature.
Dustin is the character that every viewer loves because of his considerate, friendly, and
caring personality. Lucas is the character that is not afraid to challenge others based on
his personal beliefs because he is passionate and strong-willed. Lastly, Will is the boy in
the neighborhood who loved to be with his friends but unfortunately he unexpectedly
In Season 1 we are also introduced to a main character known as Eleven who is
the definition of a strong leading role. She guided the boys at their most vulnerable state
and helped them achieve their main goal. She even develops a strong relationship with
one boy which is ongoing throughout the series.

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Stranger Things actors Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Caleb McLaughlin dressed up for the 2017 Golden Globe awards. Photo courtesy to

Season 2 Review (Spoilers Ahead):
Although Season 1 had viewers on the edge of their seats, Season 2 was even
more breathtaking. With the return of Will Byers from the Upside Down, there was
evident trauma that he experienced daily. It was explained that he was a spy for the Mind Flayer, the main operator of the Upside Down. In order to get the monster out of Will exorcism was performed so he would return back to “normal”.
The new characters, Max Mayfield, Billy Hargrove, and Bob Newby were
introduced and were controversial to many viewers. Personally I think that all three main characters served a purpose, but I was particularly not a fan of Billy’s personality. He was abusive towards Max, but he did create a spark in her that channeled her anger and protective nature. Max and Bob were very nice additions to the plotline however Bob did unfortunately pass away due to an attack from the demo-dogs. Bob was a great character with many quotable, “dad jokes” however I still have a lingering though after his death. The rest of the fan base and I are still confused why Bob didn’t run out of the exit with Joyce right away, instead of pausing for a solid 10 seconds so the dogs could attack him.

One of my favorite things about Season 2, was the evolution of the formerly bad
Steve Harrington. Steve was disliked by many people in Season 1 however his friendship
with main character Dustin was priceless. Steve acts as a mentor and dad-figure for
Dustin and teaches him all the tips and tricks to be a ladies-man. Steve is much more
vulnerable and independent in Season 2, which brings out a better side to him.

Eleven’s past is also explored in the season and we learn more about why she was
one of the chosen students for the lab experiments. We learn her real name is Jane, and
her maternal mother has gone delusional. Eleven’s mother, using her mind, leads Eleven
to find her biological sister. Her sister Eight also has powers (different from hers) which
she uses for criminal advantages.
All in all, this season was filled with many plot-twists and new additions. It
almost seemed impossible for the Duffer Brothers (the creators) to build off of the jaw-
dropping Season 1, but they managed to make Season 2 even better. If you are
contemplating watching the show or starting Season 2 I would definitely do so because
not only is it great TV but the kids teach us valuable life lessons.

By: Julia Marotti ’21, Staff Writer