Hershey’s First New Candy Bar Since 1995

Who does not love chocolate? On November 1, the world famous chocolate company, Hershey, introduced “Hershey’s Gold,” their first new candy bar since 1995. According to the Associated Press, Hershey’s candy bar history began in 1900, when they introduced their original milk chocolate bar. This was followed by the launch of Hershey’s Special Dark in 1939. It has been over twenty years since the company has debuted the Cookies ’n Crème bar in 1995. Now, Hershey has proudly announced their fourth new flavor.


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“Hershey’s Gold,” Hershey’s first new candy bar since 1995. Photo Courtesy of Hershey Co.

Believe it or not, the new Hershey’s Gold does not contain chocolate. Hershey describes this new candy bar as a “caramelized crème bar with crushed peanuts and pretzels to give you a very fine crunch.”
Hershey added, “Hershey’s Gold is the first mass-market, golden crème
confection in the United States.” The company stated that this big change in the candy bar reflected the consumer trends that show “the rising popularity of crunchy multi- textured candy.” Hershey took a step away from their originally chocolate-based candy bars and attempted to introduce an entirely new flavor to the consumers.
One staff of Bon Appetit reviewed the candy bar, saying, “It tastes like coffee creamer mixed with salty trail mix, in exactly the way you want it to.” Another reviewed, “The salt from the pretzels was so well balanced you didn’t get sweetness overload like you do from say, the Cookies ‘n Crème bar.” Overall, the taste reviews of the new Hershey’s Gold were positive.
The Hershey Company is launching the Hershey’s Gold in partnership with Team USA in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The company has states that they wil post a coupon on Twitter that people can respond to for the chance to win a free Hershey’s Gold bar each time Team USA wins a gold medal.

While Hershey’s Gold is currently on sale in Hershey’s Chocolate World, Nevada and Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, Hershey has announced that the candy bar will go on sale nationwide December 1 . The candy bar will be available in both standard and king size.
By: Katelyn Ryu’20, Staff Writer

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