Unlocking Our Potential This School Year

Four weeks into the school year and the stress has already started to pile up for some IHA students. Although it’s hard not to daydream about the beach, the tumbling ocean, and the carefree days that have recently come to a close, it is time to embrace all that this school year has to offer.

It is hard not to get caught up in the friend drama, stress over grades and homework, and rushing to get to class on time, but it is important to remember the positives of being in school again. This year student council’s theme is “Keys.” Unlocking your full potential and opening yourself up to others is what this year is all about. It is imperative to show your true colors to the world in order to be truly happy in this life. So instead of seeing the IHA hallways as roads to another difficult class, see them as roads to a better you. We can either make the most of this school year by thriving to get to our fullest potential, or we can wallow in all of the schoolwork we receive. Take every assignment, every quiz, every test, every project, and turn it into an opportunity to learn something new and improve yourself and your mind. As quoted by sophomore Lauren Welsh, “It might feel like school is so hard at the moment, but put in all of your effort. The work you put in now will help you get where you want to be in the future.” The more effort you put into your studies, the better your grades will be and the less stressed you will be in the long run. Although it is unrealistic to have a stress free year, there are many gifts that this school offers to help cope with or eliminate stress in your life. Join clubs, join sports, talk with your guidance counselor, and go to extra help.  There are so many safe havens that IHA provides us with and we need to make use of them.

Finding friends in the beginning of the school year can be hard. Whether you are a


We all should unlock our potential this year. Photo courtesy of FindForward at Pixabay

freshman trying to connect with girls you’ve never met before or an upper classman trying to make new friends, there are always struggles to face. Just remember to be yourself and you will find friends that accept you for who you are. It can get very tiring very quickly to be friends with people who don’t know the true you. Once you find the friends that love you through and through, IHA will begin to feel like a true home.

IHA is not just a school but it is a community. A community of students, teachers, faculty, and coaches that all come together to form a family. This year, try not to forget that everyone in this school cares for you, whether you know them or not. Everyone around you is constantly here to help you find the key that will unlock your potential and make you grow more than you ever have before.

By: Caitlynn Czuj’20, Staff Writer

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