Easy Ways to Take Any Room from Zero-to-Spooky

October is finally upon us! And for people like me, this means it is finally time to break out the Halloween DIY decor! Whether you are throwing a Halloween bash with your friends, impressing the trick-or-treaters passing your home, or simply spicing up your bedroom, festive DIYs are the way to go!


Decorative spider webs made from trash bags hang in a window. Photo courtesy of HGTV

The first spooky DIY is a trash bag spider web which comes from HGTV. This quick and easy DIY only requires tape, black trash bags and a scissor. To start, separate the sides and bottom of the bag so you are left with two rectangles of a trash bag. Cut each rectangle into a square and fold the square into a triangle. Fold this triangle two more times, securing the open sides with tape. Now take your scissor and cut two to three inch pieces out of the bag, going from the taped edges towards the center, but be sure to leave about an inch at the center. When you have finished your cutting, remove your tape to reveal your spider web masterpiece!


This next DIY is for everyone who just cannot get enough of Mason jars. Why put them away for the season when you can make them into cute decorative mummies? This DIY is from Hi Sugarplum!, and all you need is gauze,


Spooky mummies are made from mason jars, gauze, and googly eyes. Photo courtesy of Hi Sugarplum!

googly eyes, glue, and of course, mason jars! To begin, glue one end of the gauze to the Mason jar and wrap it around loosely until you see fit. Glue down the remaining end of the gauze and pop some googly eyes on the front. For an extra touch, put an electronic candle inside the jar for an eerie glow all night long.

Halloween is a time to get spooky and to decorate to the max. Be sure to try these DIY’s and get creative with them by adding your own personal twist. That is the fun of DIYs, there is no right or wrong!

By: Madeline Gadaleta ’19, Staff Writer

Categories: Features