Bright Lights in the Big City

People from suburban New Jersey never think twice about New York City. It is right across the river, most people work there, and commute everyday so the big question is, what is so special about the city? The truth is, New York City is in fact the city where dreams come true. There is constantly a new flow of people, which most regulars can find annoying, understandably, but it enables contact and experiences with many kinds of people. It is the place where big dreamers find where they can live the big lives they always wanted. For people who want something different everyday and a way to get away from what is “typical”, a visit to New York City will surely cure any needs of something new.


The Empire State Building is most likely the first thing people see when they come to the city! Photo courtesy of  Viatour.

Some call Los Angeles the “City of Dreams” but who is not to say that title is taken by New York? A person can find anything and every profession one could imagine in the city. If the dream ranges from being a teacher in a school or being a famous recording artist there is something everyone can chase after. Dreams do not have to be ones and New York is a place that expresses that idea to the max. People on the streets are playing instruments or pretending to be the Statue of liberty for a tour company, maybe that was their dream! Each person has their own special story and something they are chasing after in their lives. Those people need a huge place to run free and be themselves without judgment, and what better place then the city that is so big people doubt if they ever see the same person twice! New York is one central city where people with one specific dream go, Broadway. People who have dreamed of Broadway work their whole lives to get to the city. They are the core people who believe New York is a true city of dreams. The city holds the key to what they want out of their lives and they intend to get that key and unlock their destiny.


Many locals do not realize the influence and power New York has over dreamers and believers. It is a place free of almost all judgment, where the weirdest can run free (literally) and where people can choose to lead their lives they way they want to. It’s the lights that attract people, the lights that spell out names, Broadway shows, and traffic problems. It does not matter what they say, they draw people by representing hope and something new up ahead that they cannot wait to experience. New Yorkers are not afraid of something new, they just cannot wait to conquer it. Broadway or street fair, hot dog stand or the fanciest restaurant in Midtown, everyone shares the same one love, their love for the city of big dreams, big attitudes and most of all, big hearts.

By: Emily Ash’19, Co-Junior Editor-in-Chief

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