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Victoria Lubas

Lubas, Victoria  17097 yb.jpgIHA senior Victoria Lubas has definitely taken advantage of every opportunity IHA has to offer. Over her four years at IHA, she dedicated herself to a plethora of extracurricular activities, including Accents, Knitting Club, and Halcyon Yearbook. She has been a member of the bowling team at IHA, and served as the co-captain her sophomore and junior years. She remained the captain in her senior year. In addition to being involved in many extracurricular activities, Victoria is dedicated to her studies and is a member of several honor societies, including National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and French Honor Society.

Outside of IHA, Victoria has been taking ballet and tap classes at Dancesation dance school in Nutley since she was six years old. This past year, she won the LaRoca Scholarship for her enthusiasm and dedication.

Out of all the activities that Victoria has participated in, one that she is extremely dedicated to and most proud of is Accents. Victoria joined the Accents staff in her freshman year, unsure of where her interest would lead her. She began writing for the features section, and in her sophomore year became the Features Editor. Her hard work and dedication to Accents while she was an underclassman helped her to prepare to be the Editor-in-Chief her junior year. In her senior year, Victoria was the Executive Editor-in-Chief of the paper. She accomplished a huge milestone for Accents and brought the paper back into print during her junior year.

Over her years at IHA, Victoria’s favorite memories are fun times spent with her friends. She will remember and cherish the sense of camaraderie felt among the members of the bowling team, Accents staff, and NAHS members.

Out of all of her achievements, Victoria stated that the accomplishment she is most proud of is becoming Editor-in-Chief of Accents and bringing the paper back into print.

When asked what she will miss most about IHA, Victoria stated that she will miss seeing her friends everyday and the IHA building, which feels like a second home to her. Victoria is grateful for all of her teachers and mentors throughout the years, and for the advice and encouragement they provided her. Dr. Boutcher, when asked about her student, stated “Victoria worked hard to attain fluency in French and she also helped other students by tutoring them. Her interest in Francophone culture is remarkable.”

This fall, Victoria will be attending New York University, and she will be a Media, Culture, and Communication major. She plans to work in broadcast journalism after college.

Victoria will be missed by the IHA community next year, and we are all extremely proud of her. The Accents staff especially cannot wait to see the great accomplishments in her future!

By: Bernadette Goratowski’19, Photography Editor