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Two Accents Staff Members Receive Newspaper Scholarship

DePinho, Gabriella 17045 yb

Gabriella DePinho

This year, Accents has the honor of announcing that two of our staff members, Shannon Gleba’17 (pictured left, below)) and Gabriella DePinho’17 (pictured left, above), have received The Quadrangle Scholarship.

The Quadrangle Scholarship is for high school seniors applying to Manhattan College who had been involved with publications. The scholarship is not only for students involved in the newspaper, but also publications like the yearbook and literary magazines.

Selected students must have shown interest

and a great amount of skill in their selected

Gleba, Shannon 17069 yb

Shannon Gleba

publication. In addition to credentials, the student must have interviewed well with the current moderators of Manhattan’s newspaper, and seemed like a good fit for the staff.

The scholarship is worth $5,000 each year for the four years at Manhattan College.

Both Shannon and Gabriella have been involved with Accents since their freshman year. Gabriella was a staff writer her freshman and senior years, and the IHA News Senior Editor her sophomore and junior years. Shannon was part of Accents as a staff writer, and has been able to be an editor for the past three years.

Both girls have been involved in writing outside of Accents. Gabriella has been involved with Orb, IHA’s literary magazine, since freshman year. This year, she served as co-literary editor.  Through Accents and Orb, she stated, “I’ve grown as a writer and I’ve learned how and when to ask for help and how to be a more objective and confident critique giver.”

On the other hand, Shannon has been involved with Halcyon, IHA’s yearbook, since freshman year, and served as the editor-in-chief this year. Shannon explained, “I really enjoyed working with my peers on a very important publication. The yearbook is something that every student looks forward to, and it is very rewarding to see so many people enjoy our work.”

Not only are Shannon and Gabriella dedicated to their writing, but they are both dedicated students as well. Shannon has taken eight honors and three AP courses: Psychology, Biology, and Environmental Science, during her time at IHA. Gabriella has take all honors and four AP courses: chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, and United States History during the past four years.

They are both members of the National Honor Society. Shannon is a member of the Science National Honor Society and Gabriella is a member of the National Art Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Shannon plans on double majoring in government and allied health on a pre-law track, while Gabriella is planning on double majoring in psychology and English.

The IHA community knows you girls will succeed in your next endeavors and wishes you the best of luck in the next chapter of your lives.

By: Emily Koehne’18 Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Senior Spotlight photos courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography

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