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Simona Riccardi

Riccardi, Simona  17144 yb.jpgIn her four years at IHA, Simona Riccardi has found her niche! She can be easily recognized by every student for her work in videography, from the morning news show to video production.

Four years ago, Simona transitioned from her coed public middle school to IHA. She shared that her choice to attend IHA was influenced when she saw the “strong female bonds” her sister had developed during her time at IHA. As she had hoped, she formed bonds with friends and teachers alike, crediting them for shaping her into the woman she is today.  She specifically grew close to Mrs. Fischer, Ms. Shaheen, and Mrs. Mongelli. Mrs. Mongelli remarks on Simona’s spirit and happiness, saying, “I can’t think of a day that I didn’t see a smile on her face. She comes into the studio every morning, ready to work and happy to be there.”

Fast-forward four years and Simona has not only found her place among her friends and teachers. She has found her passion. As president of WIHA, the club that produces morning news show Heart TV, and Vice President of Get Reel, Simona has had the time and opportunities to develop her passion for videography. In fact, she considers Heart TV to be her proudest accomplishment. In addition, Simona is a member of the National Honor Society, Tech Corps and is a literary staff member of Orb. She specifically recalls one Orb meeting dedicated to the formatting of the magazine with editors and one staff member.

Not only has Simona dedicated her time to video production within IHA, but she has also utilized this passion in service to her community. In her sophomore year, Simona was chosen for the Spirit of Service Award. She accomplished this by her livestreaming of liturgy in the chapel.

While it may seem that Simona’s passion is to be be creative in her video production, she believes that her true passion is turning others’ creative ideas into a reality through video. Of all that she has accomplished at IHA, she will remember the simple things most. She will recall the day to day of mornings in the studio and time with her friends in senior hall. In particular, she will remember her AP U.S. History class.

Simona will be attending Emerson College in Boston  next fall, where she will major in Media Arts Production, specializing in video production. This is all working up to her eventual goal of becoming a television producer. She ideally hopes to produce a late night talk show.

Simona’s contributions to IHA’s Video Production Department will not be forgotten, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. We know she will succeed in all she does, and we look forward to see all that she accomplishes. Simona, keep up your hard work and you will thrive! Always remember you will forever be a part of IHA!

By: Kaitlyn Brown ’19, Social Media Chair