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More Than Just A First Name in Common

Shrekgast, Julianna 17175 yb

Julianna Shrekgast

Just when you thought that no two people could be more “peas in a pod” than Ms. McNulty and Mrs. Shutrop, think again!

Julianna Zeepvat (pictured right, below) and Julianna Shrekgast (pictured right, above) share a first name, but they are also both attending Cornell University in the fall. This is more than just a coincidence, as they have both worked extremely hard inside and outside of the classroom to make their dreams come true.

Julianna Zeepvat has taken ten honors and five AP classes during her time at IHA. Not only has she taken these classes, but she also

Zeepvat, Julianna 17205 yb

Julianna Zeepvat

has achieved great academic success. Zeepvat recounts that overall, AP Biology was her favorite course because Mr. Mac, a retired science teacher at IHA, would always offer her words of encouragement even after she failed a test. She even stated, “Mr. Mac changed my life forever.”

Julianna Shrekgast also challenged herself academically by taking all honors classes and two AP classes, Spanish and Biology, during her time at IHA. Shrekgast’s favorite class was Personal Finance because it taught her skills that she feels are necessary to know in order to live independently. In addition to being one of the best players on the IHA varsity soccer team, she has also played on club soccer teams since she was young. She will continue to play soccer at Cornell in the fall.

In addition, Shrekgast is a Girl Scout and a member of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and Saint Brigid Society. She even fits it in her schedule to regularly volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Julianna Zeepvat is very involved outside of the classroom as well, from being the captain of the IHA Varsity tennis team to volunteering in the Postanesthesia Care Unit at Valley Hospital. She also found a way to use her athletic talents for the benefit of others by volunteering at Project Lovematch, an organization where volunteers teach children and adults with special needs how to play tennis.

Aside from that, Zeepvat is on the Executive Board of the Culture Club, a member of Warwick EMS, and a member of the National Honor Society and the French National Honor Society.

Although both girls have different interests, each was attracted to Cornell for similar reasons. When asked what they found appealing about Cornell, both mentioned the academic rigor of the school, along with the beautiful scenery and town of Ithaca, New York. They love the school spirit that Cornell students have, and how nice the faculty is.

In typical IHA fashion, the girls could not help but mention that Cornell University happens to be known for their outstanding food. In the words of Julianna Shrekgast, “What isn’t there to love about Cornell?”

The two Juliannas will be pursuing different majors while attending Cornell. Shrekgast will be majoring in corporate finance with a concentration in real estate development. On the other hand, Zeepvat will be majoring in biological sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Zeepvat plans to attend medical school after she graduates college.

The IHA Community wishes the best of luck to these two amazing girls as they continue a new chapter in their lives together.

Senior Spotlight photos courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography

By: Emily Koehne’18, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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