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Milena Bozovic

Bozovic, Milena 17015 ybMilena Bozovic has made an impact on everyone she has met at IHA since freshman year, and it is bittersweet to watch such a treasured part of the community move on from the Heart! Milena is always dedicated to her academics as well as extracurricular activities and she has a deep love of learning. She has done so much to benefit the IHA community, from her executive positions to motivational talks. She is someone who is up for any challenge and makes the most of whatever experience is at her disposal.

Milena is an active member of the IHA community in everything she does and treasures the community she will always be a part of. In her opinion, IHA has “a unique spirit of support and empowerment for other women.” She credits her growth into the person she is today to the environment that allows girls to become who they are truly meant to be and allowing each other to grow. As a part of her growth as a student and member of the community, Milena is a member of many clubs that she says have “impacted my academic interests and personal character.” Milena is the president of the Model United Nations Club, social justice coordinator on Christian Service Board, secretary of Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) and co-Chair of the Book Club. To add on to the very long list of clubs she is a part of, Milena is also in both the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. Each society or club Milena is part of has shaped her into the leader and confident person she is today. Milena has dedicated a lot of time to her academics and thanks the teachers that have inspired her and opened her mind to new challenges and possibilities. She calls each one “encouraging supporters and mentors”. She spoke specifically of Dr. Kenney, who she had as an English teacher both her junior and senior years, and said that she has “inspired her to maintain a positive, yet sensible view of the world, and encourages her to channel that energy as a thinker and writer”. Inspiration is around every corner at IHA and Milena has taken advantage of every kind of knowledge and experience she could to make the most of her high school years. Milena is the perfect example of what it means to be a well-rounded, caring and compassionate IHA girl who not only cares about academics and grades, but also about life and the well-being of those around her.

Milena will be attending American University in the fall, studying international relations, with a possible double major in English, journalism, or history. She says she is inspired by her experiences in Model United Nations to pursue a career in the political or legal area. This field greatly interests Milena due to the conferences she has visited with the club over the years that have allowed her to see issues through a different lens and learn eye-opening lessons.

Milena, we know you will use everything you have taken advantage of at IHA beyond graduation and into the world with you. We have so much faith in what you will accomplish in the next phase of your life and are very sad to see you leave this community! We are extremely proud of you and cannot wait to see what more you will achieve and the differences you will make in the world!

By: Emily Ash’19, Opinions Editor