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Christine Jacob

Jacob, Christine 17084 yb.jpgWhen one thinks of an “IHA girl,” academics, athletics, service and leadership often come to mind, and senior Christine Jacob has been able to excel in all of these fields. Christine is the epitome of an IHA girl, not only because of what she does, but because she does it with all her heart. Whether she is dancing for the prime minster of India or giving advice to freshmen as a peer mentor, she constantly uses her many talents to entertain and help others.

Christine is no stranger to a busy schedule. As a committed classical Indian dancer and an active member in the IHA community, she is accustomed to multitasking. Christine is currently President of the Senior Class, Senior Editor-in-Chief of IHA’s Accents, science liaison of the National Honor Society, and a member of the Science National Honor Society, Christian Service Board, and Future Doctors of America. Christine has been dancing for most of her life and when asked what she loved most about dancing she responded, “I love classical Indian dancing because it connects me to my Indian culture”. She has been able to use her gifts and talents to excel in academics, athletics, and in leadership.


At IHA, service is part of who we are. In Christine’s case, service has, in her words, “changed her life”. For her Girl Scout Gold Award Project, Christine, along with members of her parish, decided to help fund and build a pharmacy in Cap-Haitien, Haiti for the Missionaries of the Poor. This project entailed making presentations, setting up collection bins, packing supplies, finding volunteers, and traveling to Haiti to help build. Although it was stressful, Christine says, “It was 100% worth it. Before I went to the orphanage, it seemed impossible to do, but with the help of my church, the missionary, my family, the volunteers, the donations, and IHA, I was able to make a difference in the lives of those who lived there.” Christine plans to travel every summer she can because she noticed “the wonderful people and children changed my perspective on service in a way I cannot explain”.                                                                                        

Christine says that her favorite IHA memory was “singing the Alma Mater after Senior Prank Day. It was so great to see the unity and excitement of our class that carried us through these four years.” She also states that she will miss “the people the most” because ”IHA is a big community but I felt at home here. I was comfortable being myself wherever I was and that is something that is hard to find.”                                                      

Next year, Christine plans to use her love for medicine and service to excel at Siena College. She was accepted into their competitive BS/MD program, which entails four years in undergraduate studies and four years in Albany Medical College. Siena also offers her an opportunity to travel anywhere to complete a service project, which is what attracted her to the school and program. Christine thanks IHA “for helping me realize the best version of myself, and pushing me to my full potential”.

Congratulations Christine, on all your accomplishments and for the many that are to come. We all know you will truly make a difference in the lives of others. You are an inspiration to me, and my fellow IHA sisters. We cannot wait to see how you will change the world!


By: Antoinette Afriyie’17, Staff Writer

Jacob, Christine 17084 yb.jpg