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Five Things to Do This Summer

As the fourth quarter goes on, one thought invades every student’s mind: summer! All too often though, we look back on our summer vacations and recall missed opportunities and things we “should have” done. In order to guarantee a successful summer, make time for these five things!

Make the most of those two and a half months!
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Take a Well-Deserved Break

Unfortunately, the academic year does not become less and less stressful as time goes on. Instead, it has peaks and dips. This stress over the school year always seems to reach its highest just about mid-June. This fact is a result of the ever-dreaded final exams. Therefore, the last thing one needs after finals is more stress! Take time to relax. Spend a few days allowing your mind to reboot. Whether this relaxation involves naps, baths, reading, or watching TV, do exactly what you want and nothing more.

Do All Those Things You Don’t Want to Do

Now comes the not-so-fun part. It’s time to do all those things you dread when you think of summer. Maybe you have summer reading or you need to finally read that SAT book that has been collecting dust on your desk for months. No matter what it is you have to do, don’t leave it for the last two weeks of August. Those last two weeks should be a time to relish in what is left of summer vacation, not to drown yourself in books. Of course, you don’t have to get every item on your to-do list done immediately. However, it is crucial to make a plan, to do a little bit of work each week.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Too often, we reject our family and friends during the academic year with the excuse of school and sports. This is an awful but easy habit to get into, as family and friends are important all year. The summer is a great opportunity to make up for all the time we have lost with our family and friends. Invite your friends to the movies or go visit your grandparents for fun.

Get Organized

While this may not seem like the ideal summer goal, it’s perfect for a rainy or boring day. On a day when your only plan is to lounge at home, you might as well organize your closet or your room. Remember those Pinterest DIYs you see all the time for organization? Now is the time to try them out!

Go on a Trip

No summer is complete without getting out and exploring. Whether you get to your destination by car, bus, train, or airplane, there is always something to see. Many might already have this box checked off because of a planned family vacation. If not, adventure is never far away. Especially with our proximity to New York City, any day can become an adventure.

By Kaitlyn Brown’19, Social Media Chair

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