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Jimmy Fallon Opened His Own Ride at Universal!

Photo courtesy of Orlando Weekly

As of April 6th, Jimmy Fallon has a brand new ride at Universal Studios Florida called Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. At first glance, the outside of the ride really looks like a miniature 30 Rock in New York City. This gives Orlando a taste of New York.

Fans of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the Universal theme parks have so far enjoyed the ride. In fact, the ride was deemed five stars on the Universal website. In addition, the ride is so popular and new that Universal Orlando requires everyone to have a reserved ticket for the ride.

To get tickets, you can either reserve them beforehand at the ride or use the “Virtual Line” Universal Orlando created on their app so people can reserve spots for the ride during specific time slots.

These are the thin plastic tickets that the worker’s hand you before entering the ride.
Photo courtesy of Visit Orlando

When you first walk into the lookalike NBC building, the workers at the park will hand you a colorful plastic ticket. This ticket is your “call time” for the ride. The vibrant colors vary from red, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange.

While waiting for your call time, you are welcome to browse the upstairs or downstairs levels of the building. The downstairs level consists of many glass windows. Each window is filled with props, suits, and memorabilia from each past Tonight Show host. Each host has their own case. The upstairs level has couches for people to wait in, giant tablets filled with Jimmy Fallon themed games, an array of videos of Jimmy Fallon scattered throughout the walls, and a stage where an energetic barbershop group, the Ragtime Gals, perform.

When the lights flash on the ceiling your call time color, you are ready to get in line for the ride. Your group is then given 3D glasses and is led to a secluded room where you receive a pre-recorded video of Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought from the Roots rapping the safety message.

When the video is over, you are lead into “the studio” and when everyone takes their seats and buckles up, the ride begins. The ride takes you through an exciting 4D stimulating adventure through New York (up and down) and along the way, Jimmy Fallon’s famous characters are featured like Sara from his “Ew!” sketch and his character from “Tight Pants.”

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is hilarious, family friendly, and unforgettable. It’s a ride everyone should hit when they visit Universal Studios Orlando.

By Molly Gallagher’19, Staff Writer