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The Living Stations of the Cross

All Catholics know the Stations of the Cross as a time during which we remember the Passion and Death of our Savior, Jesus Christ. On April 12, 2017 Immaculate Heart Academy had their own Living Stations of the Cross, a time of prayer, thanksgiving, reflection and so much more. This event was very beautiful and thoughtful. Mrs. Shutrop did an outstanding job organizing the event, as it touched everyone’s heart. Mrs. Shutrop selected girls to read each station, and then shared thoughtful reflections that were written with care and effort, relating to the IHA faculty, staff, and student body.

The atmosphere created by the stations was one of peace and serenity and it gave the crowd a chance to reflect and grow in faith. The gymnasium was beautifully decorated, adding to the calm environment. The choir also did an amazing job, as always. They started out the audience with the opening song, How Can It Be, setting a tone of faithfulness, and closing with the song, Cling To You, reminding us of the Passion, and Christ’s immense and unending love for all.

Mrs. DeSanta, chair of the English Department, said, “It was done very thoughtfully and it actually brought me tears.” Students exited the gymnasium in respectful silence, but later, they all commented on how beautiful it was and how they were all truly moved. Mary Farlese’20 spoke of how she “truly felt closer to God.” This experience nourished their relationship with God.

By Angeline Jacob, Staff Writer’20

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