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Juniors Had a Blast at Prom

Photo courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography and Patrizia Proscia

Ahh. Junior Prom. After weeks of online shopping during last period history, mental breakdowns during locker break about bringing that ~special someone~ (and asking them just right!), and the days of preparing yourself for the biggest night in junior year, the juniors definitely walked out of the Pearl River Hilton very happy about their special prom night.

Leading up to prom, there was very little “proma!!” as Religion teacher, Ms. Gansley, would say. With an Instagram page for girls to post their dresses in so that there would be no ~horror~ of two girls wearing the same dress, everyone stayed happy with their dress choices and there was no confusion or dress mishaps at the big event.

As juniors, the traditional style of dresses is short, knee-length dresses- saving the long dresses for next year’s senior prom. Upon checking in at prom, the juniors were seen styling different types of dresses: sparkly, flowy, simple, tight, beaded, lace, strapless, and of course everyone looked amazing! Trailing behind the beautiful IHA ladies were the dates in their rented tuxedos, walking around aimlessly with cocktail hotdogs and trying their best to find their buddies from math class who would be there. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography and Patrizia Proscia

The ladies then proceeded to the receiving line, where teachers shook the hands of girls they had only ever seen in messy buns and kilts. Following the receiving line was a small cocktail party, with beautiful music played by our very own Mr. Hotz to set an ambiance for the night and to get everyone excited.

The main event everyone looks forward to at prom: the dancing. As IHA girls, what could possibly be better than dancing with your 200 sisters to “Sound of the Saints”? Perhaps you may think that the ice cream bar for dessert was better, but that is a very arguable point.

Katie Tuite’18, an IHA junior, commented afterward that “Prom was such a great time to bond as a class and was so much fun to get dressed up for.”

Sophomores, if you are currently counting down the days until your prom here are some tips for you. Test out your spray tan a few weeks before and don’t worry about your date! The most important part is having fun with friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.

So ladies, as your Instagram feed has less prom pictures on it and your spray tans begin to fade, keep the memories close to your heart and start online dress shopping for next year!!

By Emily Bommer’18, Arts and Entertainment Editor