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All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Photo courtesy of Phrase Mix

Looking up from your computer in any class with juniors, there’s a big chance that you will see multiple dress sites and different after prom venues. As Junior Prom was approaching, most people had their dress for a few weeks and had their hair and nail appointments for prom booked since November.

Girls, by nature, spend a significantly larger amount of time getting ready for dates, special events, even something as simple as a quick dinner with friends. Prom, however, has truly shown the emphasis on how much effort truly goes into getting the perfect look for a night. But how can you not love the buzz and excitement of prom? All of the preparation and planning will pay off, right?

Beyond preparing for dates and proms, girls tend to even get ready for casual outing for at least twice the time that a boy will get ready. Why do we even bother making the bold move to put on jeans when you already know that every boy at the party will be wearing sweats and a Rangers jersey? This is the question I, and many others, have been pondering for years.

Photo courtesy of All Things Lady

Not only at prom but everywhere, IHA students notice all the time that girls are putting way more effort into their looks than boys are. At football games, girls put on makeup and get ready together, whereas boys will all show up at Don Bosco five minutes before the game starts in basketball shorts (despite the weather, of course). Katherine Vale ’19 said, “Whenever I go out with my friends, I see guys wearing sweatshirts while the girls are always so dressed up to do anything.” This annoyance has been noticeable since even before high school, and the Instagrams of those older than us show the same trend.

So ladies: it’s time to embrace the sweatpants and messy bun every once in a while. Embrace going out not fully dolled up- boys do it, why can’t you!

By Emily Bommer’18, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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