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Are Extracurricular Activities a Distraction from School Work?

If one portions their time wisely, playing sports should never be an issue or interfere with schoolwork. Photo courtesy of Think Link

If one portions their time wisely, playing sports should never be an issue or interfere with schoolwork.
Photo courtesy of Think Link

Every school, public and private, offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students looking to have fun and explore their interests. Some activities are academic related and others are sports related. Most students who participate in them consider many of these clubs and activities fun. However, a lot of these programs and activities can take up time after school.

Many parents hope their children are involved in structured and useful activities, although some believe they can prove to be a distraction for kids from their schoolwork or other tasks at home. This all really depends on the type of club or sport someone chooses to be a part of. High school sports teams are becoming extremely competitive so practices and games have become more frequent. While many players do not believe the sport is distracting because they are doing what they love, it can interfere with schoolwork.

Many people believe it is important to be a well-rounded individual who has good academic grades along with involvement in numerous clubs and/or sports. It is okay to be well rounded but one should not be involved in too many activities because this can cause distractions. Colleges like to see involvement in things outside of just academics. For people who are more sports inclined, they might choose to participate in one or two sports. The practices can take up a lot of time, but it all depends on how one makes use of their time. Overall, if one divides their time wisely, the sports may not be too much of a distraction. If a practice does not start until later in the day after school, diligent students may take the time to start homework or study for tests while someone who doesn’t study does not make use of their time properly. If one is not more physically inclined, it is best to join clubs. Depending on involvement, most clubs generally take up less time than joining a sports team. Being in a club usually does not require as much commitment as a team and is only several days a week and lasts an hour at most.

Overall, if someone has issues with time management, involvement with clubs or sports can become difficult. They are better off joining a club that takes less commitment and meets less frequently than a team. For one who is good at managing time, they are more likely to succeed both academically and physically to be a well-rounded individual. If time is managed properly, extracurricular activities should not result in a problem.

By JoAnna Palumbo’19, Staff Writer

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