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When is the Best Time to Start Obsessing over Christmas?

Elf is one of everyone’s favorite Christmas movies! Photo courtesy of The Daily Owl

Elf is one of everyone’s favorite Christmas movies!
Photo courtesy of The Daily Owl

I know it can be tempting to have a countdown to Christmas starting directly after New Year’s Day but that is not the best time to start counting down, since Christmas practically just happened!

Christmas is the best time of the year. Michael Bublé is on every channel, you get to wear oversized sweaters, and hot chocolate is part of your daily “diet.”   However, not everyone is okay with obsessing with it for 364 days of his or her year.  Other people like to enjoy each season at a time.

I had a conversation with a relative over Thanksgiving break ironically about this topic.  She said that it is “unbelievable” and “bothersome” that many of our neighbors were putting up their Christmas decorations. We were down the shore so many people won’t be back at those houses until Christmas and they wanted a head start on decoration, but still she was angered. There is a time for fall drinks and pumpkin pie obsessions but don’t try to end it too soon, because before you know it, fall will be gone and it will be brutally cold.

I understand it can be hard to stop your Christmas cheer when Freeform puts out the list of movies coming up.  I know that as soon as the movie Elf is on every channel, many of you will be praying for snow days, finishing Christmas lists, and eating candy canes.  Especially since it is so hard to hold back disappointment after Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving food is gone, I believe it’s never too early to start obsessing.

Department stores sure don’t think it’s too early; they have had Christmas decorations out for weeks.  Especially at IHA what else is going to cheer you up before you have to take midterms? As soon as the temperature falls below 50 or Starbucks changes to Christmas cups, whichever comes first, go crazy and make your countdown.  Be the person in school that has the countdown and announces how many Fridays are left before we get to celebrate the best holiday of the year.

So grab those Christmas scented candles from Bath and Body Works and throw on your ugly sweater because there are only a few more Mondays until we are on break and Christmas is here!

By Reagan Bossolina’17, World News Editor

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