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It’s Showtime for IHA’s Musical Theater Program

The cast performs "Under the Sea". Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski'19

The cast performs “Under the Sea”.
Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski’19

It is the time of year again for the school musical, and IHA’s Musical Theater program is hard at work. The actors and actresses have been practicing and working hard for the past two and half months, and the cast is extremely excited to show their hard work to the audience and IHA community. Performers in the show are from IHA, Bergen Catholic, Saint Joseph Regional, and Don Bosco Prep.

This year’s production of The Little Mermaid follows the classic story of Ariel that everyone remembers from their childhood, but is even more wonderful when it is put to life with amazing singing, dancing, acting, and live orchestra. Crew member Samantha Gonnello’19 stated that “The costumes and the sets are extremely colorful, they match the show perfectly.”

Ariel's sisters and Flounder perform "She's In Love". Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski'19

Ariel’s sisters and Flounder perform “She’s In Love”.
Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski’19

The entire musical is filled with color, from the beautifully painted backdrops and sets to the extremely detailed and life-like costumes. As soon as one enters the IHA lobby, they immediately sense the change in atmosphere and the ambiance of the show.

Before the dress rehearsal began, the performers gathered to perform a few vocal exercises, and then went backstage to wait for the curtain call. The singing, dancing, and acting were superb, and the dress rehearsal went smoothly with few errors. The behind the stage members helped to ensure that the scene changes occurred as smoothly as possible. The performers’ hard work is very clear, and all of their practice paid off.

Emily Ash’19 described the set, and stated that “Everything about the production is really colorful, vibrant, and fun. The only way I can describe the musical is that it is extremely fun. No matter what, someone is always smiling.”

Ursula makes a grand entrance. Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski'19

Ursula makes a grand entrance.
Photo courtesy of Bernadette Goratowski’19

“The entire musical crew has become a family, and the experience has been amazing. We have all formed a bond,” Ash’19 stated when asked to describe the sense of family that is felt within the musical crew. “When you spend almost every minute of two and half months with a group of people, you really become a team.”

Jodi Capeless, the Director of the production, stated “I think the audience won’t be able to leave the theater without singing some of the fabulous songs and remembering the great performances. The colorful and beautiful costumes, our amazing set design, and our fantastic musical numbers are sure to please young and old alike.”

The opening performance for the show is on November 12th at 7:30 PM. There will also be a Sunday matinee performance of the show on November 13th at 2:00. The show will run the following weekend on the 18th , 19th , and 20th of November. The show this year is sure to be memorable, so take a journey under the sea, support the IHA community, and see the musical!

By Bernadette Goratowski’19, Photography Editor