Strutting with Stripes through Senior Hall

74841After three years of walking through the halls of IHA, this year feels different. Senior hallway smells of the freshly brewed coffee that we are now allowed to drink!

As I walk through freshman hallway, I become reminiscent of the first day of freshman year. It was my first time at IHA during an actual school day, and I have to say it was quite scary. I had previously only been to IHA for registration and placement tests, so seeing the school in full effect was terrifying. I didn’t know where any of my classes were, and to be honest, I didn’t really know anyone. I was so quiet and reserved, but that all changed after a few weeks at IHA. I remember the exact spot where I had my first locker break with my friend group. It’s strange because I didn’t think that all these things would matter in the future, but as I pass each door I remember the classes I’ve had in them. The times I’ve passed and the failed tests, or the fun projects and class assignments. As I walk through this hallway I’m reminded of my beginning year at IHA, and how this school really helped me become a better student. When I look my old locker I still see the decorations put on there by my big sister for big sister little sister day and by my friends for my birthday. I’m reminded of how much I’ve changed.

Sophomore hallway reminds me of the fun times at IHA, specifically, Sophomore Spirit Day. This visual is something that will never escape my memory: the bright colors and vibrant decorations could be seen from a mile away. When asking about Sophomore Hallway, Christine Jacob’17 states, “I cannot help but think of all the fun I had decorating my portion of the hallway for Sophomore Spirit Day.”

IHA graduates return to their old classrooms to capture the moment. Photo courtesy of Patrizia Proscia

IHA graduates return to their old classrooms to capture the moment.
Photo courtesy of Patrizia Proscia

I have more solemn memories associated with junior hallway. I think of all the masses I’ve attended there. I specifically remember the morning of the junior ring ceremony. I remember seeing the class officers handing out the ribbon for our hands and seeing everyone with a white carnation on their sweater. Not everyone received a ring but that wasn’t the point, we had all made it to junior year and this ceremony was to celebrate it. Walking through that eleventh grade hallway also brings back fond memories of sweet 16s and locker decorations to celebrate birthdays.

Now that I’m a senior, as I walk through the halls it feels completely different. I’m no longer confused about where to go for my classes, and when I’m walking it’s strange to think that I, along with my 183 classmates, are considered to be upperclassmen. When I see underclassmen in these hallways I notice they always look at the stripes on my sweater, and the sweater and its stripes really aren’t significant until you enter the halls of IHA. They are of no importance until we realize what they mean to others and ourselves. Walking though the hallways of IHA as a senior is exciting. It’s interesting to think I’ve had a class in almost all of the rooms I pass. As I walk through the halls of IHA I continue to think about the past and what the future will bring for my last walk as a senior, only about 7 months away.

By Antoinette Afriyie’17, Staff Writer

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