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Harry Styles's new Another Man cover. Photo courtesy of Another Man Magazine

Harry Styles’s new Another Man Magazine cover.
Photo courtesy of Another Man Magazine

Harry Styles, former member of famous boy band One Direction, is launching his new solo career with some amazing new retro cover photos on the magazine Another Man.

Styles signed a solo recording deal with Columbia Records in June of 2016. This was after One Direction announced their yearlong hiatus – which is now beginning to look like it will be longer than a year! It has always been speculated that Styles would go solo once One Direction called it quits, but it was still both an exciting and heartbreaking announcement for directioners everywhere.

Back when his solo deal was first announced, it was also announced that Harry would be entering the world of Hollywood and taking part in a new movie, Dunkirk, coming out in 2017. It was said not to expect too much too soon because Harry wanted to focus on his movie first. But, now that filming is over, he has gotten to work!

Harry first showed the world the covers through his Instagram about fours days before the magazine was officially released. He captioned each picture with the magazine release date, “29.9.16”. Bella Cross’19 says, “[that] the covers were beautiful. They were Harry’s personality, not the other guys. Just him.”

When the magazines were officially released, an interview with Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler was soon discovered where Styles might have revealed the future of One Direction. He said, “I’d never say we’ll never do anything again, but it’s good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again but it’s better if it happens naturally.” So from what Harry has said, there is still hope for a One Direction reunion but nowhere in the near future. Almost all the boys of One Direction have taken their own paths and four out of five are now planning to go solo.

No news of Harry’s first single, which everyone hoped would be announced in the magazine interview, but everyone can look forward to new music from Harry and maybe even some more acting roles. The world cannot wait to see what he will accomplish!

By Emily Ash’19, Opinions Editor