iPhone 7 Makes A Splash

The iPhone 7 is available in black, silver, gold, rose gold, and the new jet black. Photo courtesy of Apple

The iPhone 7 is available in black, silver, gold, rose gold, and the new jet black.
Photo courtesy of Apple

September 7th was an exciting day for America’s iPhone users as Apple launched its newest and most impressive model yet, the iPhone 7. The highlight of the model’s look is its jet black finish, which is so precise that customers cannot distinguish where the aluminum ends and the glass begins. The iPhone 7 is also the first iPhone model to be water and splash resistant, grabbing the attention of many Samsung Galaxy users who switched to the rival company for the water resistant feature.

The iPhone 7 also pays special attention to the Home button, allowing users an entirely new experience as they can customize the pressure sensitive button to fit their needs. Perhaps the most important feature to many iPhone users, this new model features the company’s most powerful camera yet at 12 MP, with optical image stabilization features, new body and face detection and more. The retina display on the 7 is the most colorful yet, with 25% more brightness than previous models.

The iPhone 7 is also twice as fast as the iPhone 6 and has the longest battery life of any iPhone released thus far, with up to two extra hours of ideal use. The dimensions of the 7 are the same as those of the 6, however this newer model is slightly lighter. Similar to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 was released along with a slighter larger “Plus” model. The iPhone 7 Plus has the same features as the 7, with an even longer battery life and an even more enhanced camera.

Another headlining feature of the new iPhone is the transition from the headphone jack to a wireless headphone system called AirPods. This new feature changes the whole dynamic of the iPhone as many have recognized an iPhone user by their white headphone wires.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus did well its opening week but could not match the profit from the release of the iPhone 6 in 2014. As of October 3rd, the iPhone 7 now accounts for 12.7% of all iPhone models currently in use with the 7 Plus coming in at .9%.

By Mary Moskowitz’18, IHA News Junior Editor

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