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Mr. Mac: An IHA Legacy

Photo Credit: Thomas McLoughlin

Photo Credit: Thomas McLoughlin

As a true legacy comes to an end it is nearly time to say goodbye to one of the greatest teachers who has walked the halls of IHA. Mr. McLoughlin, more commonly known as Mr. Mac, is closing out his teaching career. After teaching at IHA for twenty-one years.

Before joining the IHA community, Mr. Mac was a manufacturing engineer, working with computers. Over his years here, Mr. Mac has taught a plethora of courses for our science department. Along with Anatomy and AP Biology, which Mr. Mac is famous for teaching, he has also taught Integrated Science, Biology, and Chemistry.

While it will be sad not to see such a familiar face next year, Mr. Mac has big plans for retirement. Because of his love for golfing, Mr. Mac will be moving down to the golf capital of the world in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. where He and his wife are having their own custom home built while he is upset he cannot make more memories here at IHA, he is excited to make new ones during retirement.

When asked what his favorite memory from IHA was, Mr. Mac really had to think. Finally he looked up, smiled, and chuckled. “Every day… every day at IHA was a favorite memory. I wish I could remember every single day of those twenty-one years, because those days are why I stayed so long.”

Mr. Mac is known for being part of one of the most famous pairs to walk these halls. The Mr. Millard and Mr. Mac duo will be sorely missed and forever a part of the IHA community. When asked to comment on Mr. Mac’s retirement, Mr. Millard responded, “I am sorry that Mr. Mac is leaving. While he was here, I could always be sure of one thing. That is that I would never have to worry about being the most boring teacher in the school!” Just another classic line we would expect to hear from the duo.

Speaking to other members of the IHA staff, you could feel a sad weight in the air when asked what they felt about Mr. Mac leaving behind IHA at the end of the school year. Physics teacher Mrs. Adamo made one remark on the topic saying, “After spending the last 18 years seeking his opinion, letting me blow off steam, asking him to explain something in science, receiving a much needed pep talk, commiserating, sharing professional and personal secrets and making me laugh every single day, it will be impossible to say goodbye to my best male friend ever! How am I going to feel?  Devastated.”

As Mr. Mac so perfectly stated in the senior slide show, he will be graduating himself alongside the class of 2016. We will miss his cheesy jokes in class, his goofy neckties, and the genuine love for science he shared at IHA.

Mr. Mac, we thank you for all the time and dedication you gave to the IHA community and we hope you enjoy retirement. From all of the students and staff, we wish you the best of luck.

By Jessica Cascone ‘17, Opinions Senior Editor

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