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Adiós Señora Sinkovitz

Photo Credit: Immaculate Heart Academy

Photo Credit: Immaculate Heart Academy

¿Tú hablas Español? Well, without the help of Señora Sinkovitz, this may have not been possible. Señora Lourdes Sinkovitz has been a member of the Immaculate Heart Academy family for sixteen years.  Señora Sinkovitz has decided to retire from teaching this year.  Senora’s enthusiasm in the classroom and her love of teaching will be missed by the IHA community.

When asked what she will miss most about the IHA community, Señora responded, “I will always remember the kindness and support from the faculty during my first few years teaching at the academy and the opportunity to teach the many bright and talented students that make IHA the school it is today.” Señora Sinkovitz taught Freshman Honors Spanish this year. Over the years, Señora has been a dedicated member of the language department, teaching many different levels of Spanish.

It is not only her mastery of the subject but also her open, encouraging and pleasant demeanor that made Señora such a valued member of the family. “Every day going to Spanish, last year as a freshman, I knew that I would be greeted with a smile form from Señora Sinkovitz and that she always had an answer to our many questions,” Megan Rice, Class of 2018, explains. “She has a passion for Spanish and really made the language interesting for me.”

The students at Immaculate Heart benefitted from her dedication and teaching skills outside of the classroom as well. Mrs. Brodeur, a colleague of Señora Sinkovitz, stated “Mrs. Sinkovitz accompanied me on this year’s Documentary Field Production trip and proved an exceptional chaperone, mentor, and companion.  She led by example and showed the girls how to handle even the most difficult situations calmly and gracefully.  She will be missed.”

Señora is one of several faculty members who has been an IHA parent.  Both of Señora Sinkovitz’s daughters attended IHA while Señora taught here, and they have gone on to graduate college.

In addition to her love of the Spanish language Señora has a fondness for cooking and art as well as a love of family.  Upon retiring, Señora Sinkovitz plans to spend time with her grandson and take cooking and art classes.

Mrs. Roldan, the World Languages Department Chair, wished Señora Sinkovitz a happy retirement when she said, “Congratulations on your retirement! You’ve have put in so many years teaching at IHA and now it’s time to do the things you’ve always dreamed about. Best wishes to you and your family as you begin a new chapter in your life. I will miss you.”

It is hard to imagine The Heart without Señora as part of the faculty, considering that Señora Sinkovitz has been teaching at IHA since before her freshmen students were born.  We are grateful that she has left her influence, knowledge and expertise behind.

We thank Señora so much for all of her dedicated years teaching and we wish her the best of luck on the next chapter of her life!

By Emily Bommer ‘18, Staff Writer

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