Senior Spotlights!!

Margaret Joel

00000070Margaret Joel is someone who has always had the diligence to succeed. If there is anyone who is an excellent role model of the IHA student, Margaret Joel is the one. She excels in everything she does, including academics, fashion, and volunteer work.

Margaret has been involved in many activities at IHA. She has been an editor for Accents, and the Vice President of the Fashion Merchandising and Design Club. She is also the Activities Coordinator for the Photography Club. She has been a member of all of these clubs since her freshman year. Miss Mackin, the moderator of Accents and an IHA English teacher, said, “I have had the opportunity to watch Margaret blossom as a writer, both on my staff and in my class. She was always eager to help with writing and editing articles, and Accents was lucky to have her during her time at IHA. I’m going to miss her so much, but I know she’s going to be unbelievably successful at Villanova.”

In addition to her active involvement in school clubs, she also participates in many activities outside of IHA. She volunteers at SHARE house in Ridgewood, dedicating many hours to serving others.

Margaret spends her summers pursuing her fashion dreams and academic interests. She visits Martha’s Vineyard, where she works as senior retail buyer for a boutique on the island and advances herself in the field of fashion by taking classes at Yale University in sustainable design and fashion illustration.

Margaret is also a strong student at IHA, taking various Honors and AP courses. She developed special relationships with her art teachers, Mrs. Encke and Mrs. Proscia. She also works closely with her AP French teacher, Madame Boutcher.

“My favorite memories at IHA were made when I was with surrounded by friends, so the part I will miss most about IHA are the people I have met and the relationships I’ve made. Looking back, I don’t think I would change anything about my experience at IHA. It had its ups and downs, but each aspect of these past four years has taught me a valuable lesson that I can use to my benefit in the future.” said Margaret.

Margaret is continuing her education at Villanova University, where she is still undecided on what she will study. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism or fashion. The IHA community wishes Margaret the best in all of her future endeavors.

By Emily Koehne ’18, Social Media Chair