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Sophomores Take Time to Serve

Tuesday April 19th, a day dreaded by the juniors and freshmen but embraced by the seniors. It was the day the freshmen penciled in countless bubbles for the PSAT and the juniors did the same for the ACT. The seniors were graced with a day off.

But what about the sophomores? In lieu of standardized testing, the tenth graders had a day of service.

The day, headed by Mrs. Shutrop, consisted of rotating between four different speakers and doing service projects. After a prayer service in the PAC, the sophomores were broken up into their Sophomore Spirit Day Teams and given their schedule for the day. They were to go to two speakers, go to the cafeteria for cookies provided by Chef Andrew, and then go to their last two speakers before finishing up back in the PAC.

Claudia Christie from Several Sources Shelter gave the girls a glimpse of how Several Sources was founded and their mission today. Many of the students were moved by the “living” Christmas card Christie displayed that showcased some of the children saved through the work of Several Sources. At the end, the students, under the guidance of Sister Carol Ann and Ms. Braden, tied felt together to create baby blankets for the children at the shelter.

Thaddeus Orlowski from Camp Acorn spoke to the girls about the services Camp Acorn provides and just about life in general. He spoke of a “working ecosystem” and the obstacles you may face in trying to achieve your dreams. Orlowski also had students participate in a presentation where they “knocked down” the wall of adversity. After he finished his demonstration, the students wrote cards to campers.

Meaghan Tuohey, an immigration lawyer and mom of Grace Tuohey-Kay ’18 educated the sophomores about refugees and asylees. She provided the students a glimpse into the world of immigration and what one does when seeking asylum. After hearing Tuohey speak, the girls wrote letters to detainees and put together folders with papers and envelopes so the detainees can write to their families.

Dale Williams, executive director of Midnight Run, shared his story of how he became homeless and of how Midnight Run helped him put his life back together. Many girls were touched to hear his personal tale of drug abuse, homelessness, and recovery. At the conclusion of his discussion, the sophomores made toilette bags to take on the next Midnight Run.

Though the seniors had the day off, the Christian Service Board executives came and assisted with running the day. CSB president, Sophia D’Souza says “I loved being able to be at Sophomore Service Day and see everyone interested in all the speakers and actively willing to participate in all of the little service projects. Every girl came in with just a positive attitude, which truly made the day an overall success. “

At the end of the day, the sophomores re-convened at the PAC where Mrs. Shutrop asked for feedback. The day was very well received and inspired a lot of the students to do more and make a change. “It was a great day and really opened me up to all the issues in the world,” explains Cassie Mitsinikos ’18. “I feel inspired and that my service will make a difference.”

By Heather Farrell ’18, IHA Sports Senior Editor

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