Clinton and Trump Take the Lead in NY Primary Polls

Photo Credit: Eonline

Photo Credit: Eonline

The New York primary will be held next Tuesday, April 19th for both Democratic and Republican voters.

On the Republican side, Fox puts Trump in the lead with 54%.  Kasich and Cruz follow with 22% and 15%.

For the Democrats, Fox gives Clinton 53%, giving her a 16 point lead over Sanders’s 37%.

In the Democratic race, these projections are reflective of the current standings of the candidates. According to CNN, Clinton currently has 1,790 delegates, while Sanders has 1,113.

The Republicans, on the other hand, show Trump leading with 746 delegates, followed by Cruz with 538, and Kasich with 145. This differs from the Fox poll of New Yorkers, which has Kasich following Trump and Cruz trailing behind.

This primary is especially important for Clinton and Trump, as both candidates call New York their home state. While Clinton’s polls show no need for worry, Sanders has won seven out of the last eight primaries.

Trump campaigned on Monday, April 11th by hosting a rally in at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. According to Times Union, he referenced New York values after 9/11, as he has done before.

Kasich also held a rally in La Salle Institute in North Greensburg.

Cruz, meanwhile, has been under fire by Trump for his comments in the past about New York values. According to the New Yorker, Cruz contrasted common sense to New York values.

On the Democratic side, both candidates have opened campaign offices in the state. Sanders opened one in Yonkers, and Clinton opened one in Brooklyn.

Registered New Yorkers will be able to vote at their local voting stations on Tuesday, April 19th.

By Kaitlyn Brown ‘19, Staff Writer

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