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Women Teach the IHA Student Body About Recovering from Addiction

On February 9, 2016, IHA had the honor of hearing the stories of women from Alumni In Recovery (A.I.R.).  A.I.R. is an organization that aids women on their road to recovery from addiction.

The women travel to different schools and share their stories and experiences with drugs and alcohol to raise awareness of the dangerous effects these substances can have on a person.

The student body got to hear stories from two women about how they decided to get help. It is safe to say that the entire auditorium was quiet as the students listened to the speeches on this serious topic.

The students did not expect the storytelling to touch their hearts in the way it did. They were shocked to hear just how negatively substance abuse can harm you.

When asked her opinion on the presentation, Kristyn Sampath ’19 said, “I think the presentation was insightful and worth having. It showed you all the negative things that could happen in your life from using those substances and I think people sometimes need to hear that.”

For some teenagers today, hearing about the effects of harmful substances can be a bore because it is often spoken about. However, all teenagers can benefit from an occasional wakeup call to really think about what they would be getting themselves into if they became dependent on substances like drugs and alcohol.

By Emily Ash ’19, Staff Writer

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