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Celebrating Palm Sunday with “The Passion”: Live TV Musical

Photo Credit: She Knows

Photo Credit: She Knows

Following the success of “Grease Live”, Fox is in the works of producing a new musical, “The Passion”.  Set to air on Palm Sunday 2016 (March 20th), the show will be hosted by Tyler Perry and set in New Orleans, Perry’s hometown.

When asked to comment on the message of the musical, Perry expressed that he wishes viewers will take something away from the musical, sharing, “My hope and prayer is that it leaves people with a sense of hope-faith-forgiveness.”

The production will feature many of The Crescent City’s esteemed locations, including the processions of hundreds of people carrying a 20-foot cross.

Trisha Yearwood has been cast to play Mary in "The Passion: Live". Photo Credit: Forbes

Trisha Yearwood has been cast to play Mary in “The Passion: Live”.
Photo Credit: Forbes

The story is set in the modern day and tells the 2000-year old tale of Jesus Christ, recounting the Last Supper, the betrayal by Judas, followed by the trial of Jesus by Pontius Pilate, and ultimately the Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.

This production is set to pull interest from both recent live TV musicals and religious-themed programming.

Written by High School Musical’s Peter Barsocchini, the show is set to consist of modern music produced by Adam Anders of Rock of Ages and Glee. When asked to categorize the music of the show, Anders commented, “It’s not a traditional musical’ it’s a musical event.”

Although the full cast has not been released, it has been announced that the role of Mary, mother of Christ, will be played by country icon Trisha Yearwood.

By Mary Moskowitz ’18, Staff Writer