What Your Phone Case Says About You

It does not take much to figure out someone’s personality. Society has given us many ways to express ourselves, whether it is through our clothing, our hairstyles, or even something as simple as our phone cases!

Here is what your phone case says about you.

Photo Credit: Ali Express

Photo Credit: Ali Express

If you have a solid colored phone case, you are probably very simple. You don’t like things that are too flashy but you also do not want something that is dull. You go with the choice in the middle: solid. It is easy to manage and you never have to worry about your case being “too flashy”.

If you have a thick protective phone case, you have probably had a cracked screen before. With that in mind, you want to do everything to prevent it from happening again. It has happened to all of us! Our phones accidentally slip out of our hands and (BAM!), we all of a sudden have a cracked screen. This time you are not playing any games and you want to make sure you never see the dreaded cracked screen ever again.

Source Ali Express

Photo Credit: Ali Express

If you have a blinged-out phone case, you are probably a very fun person! You don’t care whether it is Monday or Saturday, you are ready to go out and dance the night away. You love who you are and are not afraid to show it. You are independent and love having a good time. I mean who could resist a little glitter?

If you have a celebrity inspired phone case, you are probably up to date with all the latest celebrity gossip. You cannot imagine going a day without seeing your celebrity crush on the back of your phone (a little Justin Bieber a day, keeps the heartbreak away!). You really love celebrity gossip and you really admire celebrities for all their hard work.

If you have a clear case, you love the color of your phone and would hate to have anything concealing it. You still want to protect your new phone because it was expensive, but the idea of not being able to show off its color bothers you. Whether it’s rose gold, gold, black, or blue, you want everyone to know see the color your phone is!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you do not have a case, you are really careful with your phone. Another possibility is that you really like the way your phone looks and feels without a phone case. You trust yourself enough to know that you could never drop your phone (maybe you even have insurance), and you like the lightweight and look that comes with a phone without a case.

If you have a floral case, you are probably really up to date with all the latest fashion trends. Floral is so classic and timeless that you know your phone case will (in the words of Taylor Swift) ”Never go out of style”.

As you can see, a phone case says it all. Whether you have an elaborate phone case or none at all, it speaks your personality. If you are starting to think that maybe it is time that you and your phone case part, Amazon will always be there for you!

By Antoinette Afriyie ’17, Staff Writer

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