Canada Selling Clean Air to China

The air pollution issue in China has reached a terrible extreme. Although this is not something to be proud of, one Canadian company has taken advantage of this problem and is selling bottles of clean air to the country.

The company, “Vitality Air,” sells the air for anywhere from $14 to $20, and after shipping a sample of five hundred bottles to China, the product sold out in less than a week-and-a-half.

Customers have been buying bottles of the air on “Taobao,” China’s equivalent to eBay.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Harrison Wang, director of China operations for “Vitality Air,” commented on the company’s sales, saying, “Now we’re taking lots of pre orders for our upcoming shipment. We’re getting close to the 1,000 mark.”

As conditions in China worsen, more bottles of air are being sold. The city of Beijing issued its first red alert, because of the poor air quality. This caused schools to close, restricted traffic on the roads, and closed construction sites.

“Vitality Air” also said it has developed buyers in other countries, such as India. New Delhi, one of India’s most popular cities, was recently estimated as having air pollution that is one-and-a-half times worse than Beijing, China.

By Emily Koehne ’18, Social Media Chair

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