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Freshmen Grew Closer on Retreat

20151020_101246 IHA Vols 10.20.15 LS phoneFor the Class of 2019’s annual Freshmen Retreat. They visited the Community Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside on October 20th, and got involved in several different activities to raise their awareness of how widespread hunger and poverty is in the Upper New Jersey and New York area.

The students spent time volunteering at the food bank, and they were split into a numerous amount of groups. Each group had a different task: handling and dealing with donated food items, and sorting goods. All of their efforts accumulated to reaching the goal of being able to send adequate amounts of food to needy families.

“I really enjoyed going to the food bank because we got to work together as a team and I got to work with people in my class and know them better,” Aileen Deegan ‘19 said. “I realized how many people this food bank helps and how much of an effect we can have by helping to pack boxes of food.”

IMG_6954The students attended a hunger workshop, where they received hunger statistics and watched an informational video.

Julia Lauk ‘19 said, “I thought that the retreat was very informative and it showed me how I should not take everything for granted, and how I should not be wasteful when it comes to food. It was an eye opening experience that I will never forget.”

The Freshman Class greatly enjoyed their retreat, and everyone gained and benefited from their experience.


By Bernadette Goratowski ’19, Staff Writer

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