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Michael Hamlett Visits the Photography Club

Photo Credit: Michael Hamlett

Photo Credit: Michael Hamlett

On November 17th, the IHA photography club, along with other members of the school community, gathered in the art room to welcome guest speaker and photographer Michael Hamlett.

Hamlett is a native of Tennessee, where he worked on a farm before joining the U.S. Army as an Optics Specialist. He described his history utilizing film, video, and camera in his experiences travelling the world to pursue his career. After moving with his family to the New Jersey area in 1995, Hamlett began taking photos for famous fashion and makeup brands such as Chanel and Estee Lauder.

Today, Hamlett is a freelance photographer based in New Jersey, specializing in commercial, fashion, and social photography. Along with taking photos at most of IHA’s sports and notable events, he is currently taking photos exclusively for several elite golf clubs in the tri-state area.

Photo Credit: Michael Hamlett

Photo Credit: Michael Hamlett

During his visit to IHA, Hamlett described the cameras and lenses he uses for his specific events, and presented a workshop on the basics of photography, including the camera triangle (ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed), as well as portrait and posing techniques.

IHA photography club president, Rebecca Kryceski, explained what she thought of the event, saying, “In addition to being full of knowledge, he was easy to approach to ask for advice about techniques and comments on our own photos.”

Hamlett gave the group a shooting assignment, which was to take a photo at the Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson, and encouraged them to bring in their photos when he returns to speak to the school again in January.

The IHA photography club was honored to have Mr. Hamlett come speak to the school community, and is excited to welcome him back in January to gain even more knowledge.

By Margaret Joel ’16, World News Senior Editor