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42nd Street: A Backstage Look

The cast of 42nd Street. Photo Credit: IHA

Photo Credit: IHA

Through hard work and exhausting days, the cast and crew of IHA’s 42nd Street really went above and beyond, to put together the amazing production.

The songs are catchy and the dances are so astounding, that the general public can really see the hard work and dedication the actors and actresses put into what they do.  While the audience is watching all the amazing talent up on stage, the atmosphere backstage is crazy: a quick change here, a sequin there and then there’s always the laughter!

Though the performers make what they do look easy, people underestimate how much work goes into this production. An amazing team of people behind the scenes dedicate their time to the show. Countless hours of rehearsal, costume fittings, and a strong passion for the arts are needed to put on a show as big as this one, and so much more. The show’s producer Mrs. Lucile Conzo said, “I love seeing the process of growth in the kids from beginning to end.”

A large amount of dedication is needed to make the show a success. Although it is a long and tiring way to spend your free time, it always pays off when seeing the final product. “I love the Opening Number,” said Mrs. Conzo, “It’s so much fun to watch and to see their faces light up.” Whether it’s a student’s first or last year doing the IHA shows, it becomes like a family.

Seniors Victoria Duffy, playing Dorothy Brock, (left) and Mary Kate Hall, playing ______ (right) enjoy their last IHA Musical. Photo Credit: IHA

Seniors Victoria Duffy and MaryKate Hall enjoy their last IHA Musical.
Photo Credit: IHA

This year we are sad to see our seniors leave the IHA stage. Victoria Duffy ’16, who plays Dorothy Brock, and MaryKate Hall ’16, who plays Maggie Jones, shared some of their favorite experiences from the show with me.

“At the first rehearsal when we did the opening number for the first time and nailed it,” said Victoria. “It was amazing to watch.”

“Learning the dances were always a fun experience.” said MaryKate. They agreed that both opening and closing nights will be emotional for them.

Being a part of the IHA Musical is a lot of hard work and dedication but when it all comes together, it’s an amazing sight to see! The love for each other and for making the musical the best it can be is so strong that no one can break the determined mindset of the cast.

By Emily Ash ’19, Staff Writer