Starbucks Future Delivery Services Causes an Uproar

Photo Credit: Slate

Photo Credit: Slate

Imagine waking up to the ring of your doorbell. You open the door and you could not be happier. Who is there? An employee from Starbucks with your usual order of coffee, just the way you like it.

Of course, this isn’t realistic. But perhaps, it could be one day.

Before the end of 2015, Starbucks plans on delivering coffee to the city of Seattle and to offices in the Empire State Building. To have their beverages delivered, the only thing Starbucks enthusiasts have to do is download the Starbucks app onto their phones. They can simply place their order and pay through the app. To prevent the customers’ drinks from becoming cold by the time it reaches its destination, Starbucks is considering creating an improved delivery cup.

When Junior at IHA, Antoinette Afriyie, heard the news that Starbucks was beginning to deliver, she was ecstatic. “Every IHA girl lives off of coffee, especially during her Junior Year.” She shared her schedule, which includes an endless cycle of school, homework, SAT Class, and cheerleading practices and games. With a schedule like hers, she is definitely right to say that she needs coffee. “Just the thought of waking up to the smell of Starbucks makes me smile.”

Freshman year can be as hard as Junior Year. When Freshman Julia Lauk heard the news that Starbucks could possibly start delivering, she explained that having coffee delivered to her in the morning would save her a lot of time and would be extremely helpful. “Having coffee delivered would help me concentrate in school better and would aid me in being more attentive in all of my classes.”

Although the thought of having your favorite Starbucks beverage delivered straight to your locker before homeroom sounds amazing, it is not a current possibility. In the meantime, Starbucks is in the process of creating an order-ahead feature on its app. This feature will be available for all locations around the country by the end of this year. It will allow customers to order their drinks and pick up their piping-hot coffee from the nearest Starbucks location.

Even though some of these Starbucks dreams are improbable as of right now, Starbucks fanatics can still remain hopeful that delivery to their doorstep will happen sometime in the near future.

By Christine Jacob ’17, Features Editor & Bernadette Goratowski ’19, Staff Writer

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