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Halloween Pep Rally is a Big Hit


Photo Credit: IHA

On Friday, October 30th, IHA got into the Halloween spirit by celebrating with a costume contest, and the year’s biggest pep rally.

All IHA students and faculty were permitted to dress up in their Halloween costumes, which IHA parents volunteered to judge during homeroom. There was a winner from every homeroom selected to walk in the school-wide Halloween parade at the pep rally.


Photo Credit: IHA

At the pep rally, IHA students rocked out on stage. A different class decorated each section of the bleachers. The main Halloween Parade then took place, and two winners from each class were picked.

Next, it was time for the classes to face off in different activities. All classes showed amazing spirit and class pride. Ultimately, the seniors defeated all.

“Overall, Halloween at IHA is always so fun! It’s a day where everyone gets to have fun and spend time with their friends, “ said IHA sophomore, Bridget Dimanno.

By Emily Koehne ’18, Social Media Editor





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