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Go Green Donations Exceed Expectations

Photo Credit: Clip Art Best

Photo Credit: Clip Art Best

IHA’s Go Green Club got the school community involved in a great service opportunity benefitting animals in need.  Earlier this year, Ms. Fitzgerald and the Go Green Club were looking to work more with our school and outside communities through different events.

To complete their goal, the club communicated with the Clifton Animal Shelter.  The shelter gave Go Green a wish list of items that they are in need of to sufficiently care for their animals.

Then, Go Green got in contact with the IHA community through broadcasts on HeartTV and flyers, looking for as many donations as possible. Their participation was even higher than they expected.

Advertising the event took about three weeks, and the amount of donations exceeded everyone’s expectations. The animal shelter was extremely thankful and very excited about the amount of donations they received. They were very appreciative of all the hard work that was done.

“The Go Green Club recognizes the importance of helping the community,” said Ms. Fitzgerald, Go Green moderator.

Ms. Fitzgerald and the Go Green Club would like to thank everyone for any donations they made.  The time, prizes, and wish list items that were donated were greatly appreciated.

By Emily Ash ’19, Staff Writer


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