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Culture Club Bakes for a Cause

Culture Club Cupcakes 1

Photo Credit: IHA

After a stressful morning of PSATs for sophomores and juniors and a fun-filled spirit day for the freshman class, IHA students were able to indulge in tie-dye cupcakes while supporting a great cause.

IHA’s Culture Club, run by moderator Ms. McDonough, hosted their first Tie Dye Cupcake Bake Sale to raise money for the organization “She’s the First.”  This organization provides scholarships to girls living in developing countries who will be the first in their families to complete high school.

Kaitlyn Bertolino ’18 was a critical part of making this event happen.  Kaitlyn came across this organization’s website and brought it to the Culture Club.  Along with 20 other girls, Kaitlyn and the Culture Club baked over 400 tie-dye cupcakes for the event.

Selling all these cupcakes, the Culture Club exceeded their goal of $400 by raising $510.  Raising this much means the Culture Club will be supporting a specific girl’s schooling for a year.  The Culture Club will also be able to find out who she is, which makes it more personal than simply raising money for an organization.

Cupcake 2

Photo Credit: IHA

Bridget Beyer ’16, one of the Culture Club’s executive board members, says, “I think that actually being able to find out who the person is that this money is supporting will make the whole experience feel more real.  It feels great knowing we’re supporting a good cause, but I think that specifically being able to put a face to who we are supporting will be so rewarding.  We will know that our time and efforts are truly going to a good cause!”

By Mary Moskowitz ’18, Staff Writer

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