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Students Enjoy Spending Time With Their “Sisters”

Becoming a big sister is a rite of passage, and a highly anticipated tradition of all IHA students.

IMG_0020Each IHA junior becomes a “big sister,” and is paired with a freshman who is their “little sister” for the rest of her time at IHA, even though there is only one day to officially celebrate the bond during the school year. Big sisters become someone their little sisters can go to for advice about school and activities, or are just someone to have as a guide. On October 9th, IHA students celebrated their new roles as big sisters and little sisters.

Before the big day, the first time big sisters decorated their new little sister’s lockers in ribbons, candy, baby bottles, binkies (to keep in theme with the freshmen being “baby sisters”), and anything fun and cute they could find. The sophomores decorated their big sisters’ lockers in fun and festive colors and of course, with candy.

IMG_0007On that fated Friday, the juniors met their freshman sisters for the first time. They spent time in the gym eating baked goods provided by the Junior class, and playing games the Freshman class provided. The sophomores and seniors spent their time in the cafeteria, spending time together talking, bonding and eating frozen yogurt. The sisters really got to know each other well and exchanged stories, advice, and small gifts to commemorate the day.

Faith Trinker ’17 said, “Playing board games was a fun way to spend time because it made it a more comfortable environment to meet new people and talk to my little sister [in].”

Ashley Cha ’16 said, “I had a lot of fun and I got to bond with my little sister.”

Once again, IHA’s Big Sister/Little Sister Day was a huge success, full of laughter and good times that IHA sisters will always cherish.

By Gabriella DePinho ’17, IHA News Senior Editor

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