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Renovations Make a Big Impression on IHA Students

IHA students and staff returned back to school in the beginning of September and were greeted by major improvements throughout the building.  Every classroom in the school is now equipped with its own air conditioning system, and the sophomore hallway underwent some major renovations.

Classroom Candids_1_2015 Final_150915_0003-2The science labs in the sophomore hallway were divided, and five new classrooms were created.  These new classrooms have new desks, lab tables, smart board projectors, and more.  The classrooms will be able to accommodate IHA’s newest STEM and robotics programs for this year, as well as the growing school population.  IHA’s manager of technology resources, Mr. Hotz, also moved to a new state of the art computer room in the same hall, with his previous classroom contributing to a new room in the sophomore hall.

IHA senior Kerry Flynn expressed her support for the renovations by saying, “I’m so happy that as a senior I can wear my sweater without sweating in each classroom.  The air conditioning came at just the right time for the senior class!”

The renovations over the summer have proven popular among IHA students, and have been benefitting the whole IHA community throughout this first month of school.

Classroom Candids_1_2015 Final_150915_0022

By Margaret Joel ’16 World News Senior Editor

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