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IHA Goes to Europe

by Victoria Lubas ’17, Editor-in-Chief

Europe Trip Group Photo

Last June, many members of the IHA community traveled to France and Spain for an opportunity to bond with their classmates and to see the world.

The students and chaperones first flew to France where they visited many sights, such as the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Cathedral of Notre Dame. The group also biked through the gardens of Versailles. Ms. Ana Echeverría, student Europe trip moderator, stated that the group “visited the famous Chateaux Chambord and Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, and learned to sketch in a Paris neighborhood.” The group even learned how to play pétanque, a game similar to bocce.Maloney_ Eiffel Tower

Riley Maloney ‘17 said, “My favorite part of the French part of the trip was the day that we visited the area of Montmartre. …Pablo Picasso once lived in this part of Paris, and we were able to see the building where he lived. There were many artists in the center of the town, who would draw or paint portraits of people. … We also went for a boat ride at night on the Seine River, and got to experience Paris at night. …The Notre Dame Cathedral was lit up at night, and the Eiffel Tower sparkled for a few minutes every hour.”

The vacationers then flew to Spain where they enjoyed landmarks such as the Habsburg Empire and the El Prado Museum. Ms. Echeverría also stated that they took a “lesson in the heart of flamenco dancing, followed by a professional show.” They went from Madrid to Toledo where they saw cathedrals and synagogues and participated in a Spanish cooking class. The group spent their last evening in Spain dining on some classic Spanish tapas, and enjoying churros and chocolate from the Chocolaterí San Gines for dessert.

Maloney_ Sacré-Coeur Basilica Montmarte

The group had a great time in Europe. Megan Roche ‘17 said, “I will definitely remember the fun I had visiting the many foreign cities with all of my friends and classmates.” Ms. Echeverría seems to be looking forward to next year’s trip to Bavaria, Tyrol and Switzerland.

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