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10 Tips for Success Your Freshman Year

10 Tips for Freshmen

by Victoria Lubas ’17, Editor-In-Chief

  • Effort Is The Key To Success

Show your teachers that you are invested in their class and want to do well.  If you are confused, ask your teacher, an NHS tutor, or a parent for help. Doing well in freshman year is the start of a successful high school career.

  • Get Involved

Joining clubs is a way for you to make friends with similar interests.  The Activity Fair in September is a great way to find all the clubs IHA has to offer. Most importantly, sign up for clubs that will improve your IHA experience, not just what you think might look best on college applications.

  • Focus

The second and third marking periods seem noticeably shorter than the first and fourth due to IHA’s many snow days and Christmas and Winter Vacations, so stay focused.

  • Check Your Email

Your email can help you schedule makeup tests with your teachers if you were absent, work on group projects (especially if you use Google Docs), and keep track of assignment due dates and last minute snow day assignments.

  • Embrace The Plaid

Be proud to wear your kilt because it shows that you are an IHA girl. Enjoy pep rallies, have school spirit and learn to like your uniform because high school goes fast. And on that note,

  • Follow The Handbook

Do not make your skirt too short or chew gum. Pull up your socks, tie your shoes, make sure you wear either the IHA issued sweater, or fleece, and get to school before the 7:50 bell. It is faster to follow the rules than to spend the hour in detention on a Thursday afternoon.

  • Stay Organized

Keeping your locker neat will help you fit the maximum amount of bags and books inside. Good techniques are coloring in your schedule, and color coding your books by class. Hang your schedule in your locker so you always know what class you have next.

  • Sleep

Do not procrastinate since that is time you could spend getting some well-deserved sleep. The more sleep you get, the better your class concentration and resulting grades will be.

  • Service And Volunteer Hours

Stay on top of your service hours because it will lower your stress level in mid April. Get your 6 hours of service and 6 hours of volunteering done by keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities.

  • Electives

Be sure to pick an elective that you will enjoy sophomore year. If there is an elective you know you want to take as a Junior or Senior, check to see if there are any prerequisites you need to take as a Sophomore.

Good luck and have a great four years!


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