Senior Spotlights!!

Erika Fleming

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.38.01 AMBy Maggie Rosenblatt

Erika Fleming has been more than the typical overachieving IHA student since she walked through the doors. Erika has shone in her academics and extracurriculars, both in and out of school.

Over the for years, Erika has committed herself fully to her academics and her extracurriculars. By taking numerous AP classes such as AP English, AP US History and AP Chemistry, Erika has pushed herself to the limits and back. Erika’s gift with words makes her approachable and personable. She regularly makes the honor roll and is an active member of the National Honors Society.

Erika has also actively committed herself to many other activities at IHA. She has excelled on IHA’s varsity golf team for four years of which she is currently a captain. She has also been a class officer for two years. Erika is also a member of the yearbook staff and played a major role in designing this year’s yearbook.

In fact, Erika’s commitment to IHA has also allowed her the opportunity to serve as a peer mentor. As a respected individual of the IHA community, Erika aided and advised freshmen through the ups and downs of their first year of high school.

Erika’s talents will be very much missed upon her graduation. Next year, Erika will be taking her talents to the University of Connecticut.