News@the Heart

Kerry McCullagh

By Shannon Gleba

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.03.05 AMBeing voted the senior ‘Class Servant’, Kerry McCullagh most definitely lives up to her title. When thinking of an IHA girl who is always eager to help, Kerry quickly comes to mind.

She has taken every opportunity to help those in need, both in and out of school. In her senior year, Kerry was the president of the Christian Service Board, and C.A.R.E. Her service work has helped her to earn two President’s Volunteer Service Awards, Christian Service Awards, and the Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award.

Her volunteer work does not only extend to those at IHA, but also around the world. Kerry has taken two trips to Africa to help renovate schools in Ghana and Tanzania.

In addition, Kerry organized a fundraiser that helped to raise $600 for Jiendeleze Women’s Empowerment Organization in Tanzania. Kerry also provides community service in her hometown of River Vale by serving as volunteer EMT for the Ambulance Corps.

In her minimal free time, Kerry enjoys hiking and running. She played varsity volleyball at IHA and club volleyball for two years. In addition, she has worked as a gymnastics teacher.

For college, Kerry will attend James Madison University where she will major in Engineering with a minor in Business. She hopes to further her education past college and find a career that can combine her love for science and humanitarian work.

Although a change of scenery will be nice, there are still many things that Kerry will miss about IHA. She genuinely loved the sense of community and the positive atmosphere she felt walking through IHA’s doors the first time.

Before heading off to college, Kerry took some time to reminisce about her days at IHA: “In the past four years I have had the most wonderful teachers who have challenged me academically while also encouraging personal and spiritual growth,” she says.

We wish Kerry McCullagh the best of luck in her future endeavors! Her determined and motivated spirit will undoubtedly allow her to tackle any goal she puts her mind to!